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Richard Bong State Recreation Area

One of the best locations in southeastern Wisconsin for observing. Open year round.

Provides information on the most interesting things in tonight's sky. Satellites, comets, Iridium flares, International Space Station, etc. You must create a free user account with your location.

A location to get highly technical information on comets, asteroids, and satellites.

Lots of up-to-date astronomy information on the most recent topics. ~200 downloadable podcasts

Racine Astronomical Society

Located just west of Racine, Wisconsin at the Modine-Benstead Observatory. Public nights are held several times per year.

Clear Sky Clock

A detailed sky forecast geared toward astronomy.

A great site for the amateur astronomer. Reviews, Forums, Classifieds & Event Calendar. $12 fee per year.

Another great site for the amateur astronomer. Reviews, Forums, Classifieds & Event Calendar. Free.

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Getting Started
  • Getting Started in Astronomy
  • Our thoughts

  • Buying Equipment
  • How to Buy (and Not Buy) a Telescope
  • So you want to buy a Telescope?

  • Setting up a telescope
  • Setting up an Alt/Az mounted telescope
  • Setting up a German equitorial mounted telescope
  • Setting up a wedge mounted telescope
  • Polar Alignment
  • Drift Alignment

  • Astrophotography
  • Webcam astrophotography
  • DSLR or CCD Camera. Which one?

  • Astronomical Glossary

    Glossary of Astrophotography and Digital Imaging Terms - by Jerry Lodriguss


  • Cartes du Ciel / Skywatcher
  • Free - Fairly intuitive. Has a lot of features to control your mount, update objects, etc. Many languages available (Default is English)

  • Stellarium
  • Free - A little tough to get used to if you've used other progams.

    Image Stacking
  • Deep Sky Stacker
  • Free - Best for stacking deep sky images.

  • Registax
  • Free - Best for stacking video of planets.

    Camera Control
  • Astro Photography Tool
  • 12.70 EUR/$15 US - Best I've found for controlling your Canon EOS camera at the scope.

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